We tried to create a grimmer look for this episode. The idea is our lawyers really mostly see the elegant side of the law (yes, it’s a fiction), but now they’re seeing dark side. So the colors are grayer, the images are more distorted through scuzzy plexiglass, the backgrounds are crowded.

❝ I think I was in denial for a long time about Josh’s decision. I kept thinking “he feels that way now”. I loved working with him so much and the relationship on screen is so rich and developed. Over all these years we’ve gone through so many story lines where we seemed to be coming apart and then we were back together again stronger than ever. It’s like being portrayed as the healthiest marriage in the show, so it was like my husband telling me he was going to leave. I just didn’t want to hear it.

"Bryan and Anna were total troupers during the fight. We rehearsed the choreography of the struggle and when we shot it they nailed it take after take after take. It was an exhausting scene for them physically and emotionally. It was a heckuva day."

Moira Walley-Beckett on the making of Ozymandias [x]

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